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[SOLVED] An interesting story about and call divert

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Registered: ‎24-04-2020

[SOLVED] An interesting story about and call divert

Hello all,


First time poster, but registered in case my experience helps others.


If you pay for call divert and cancel it, be aware that the divert setting may continue. I found this out today, when I put my landline phone number back into service, I cancelled the number the divert was originally going to as well (a VoIP number).


When I plugged the phone back in, I was able to call out successfully, but noticed that when I called the number from my mobile, it said the number was disconnected.


I rang support, they only said that call divert had been cancelled in December 2019 and therefore the phone number was some how being controlled by a third party (the VoIP people). That led me down a brief goose chase - always thinking that no company other than could control the divert of phone calls? Unless they had porting access or something sounding similar - a friend was in telecoms and bored me to death with that tech talk.


I had a brain wave and went to my office, I entered the code for disabling call divert - and wouldn't you know it, that fixed it.


So the morale of the story - even if you've cancelled a service, it does not mean that it's been disabled.


Hope that helps!