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Re: Line cord error

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Re: Line cord error

I have just joined plusnet and while my internet is working, the landline states line cord error. Plusnet chat and a text  has stated that it will be fixed before 26 10 16. I find this unacceptable. No one told me that if I switched I may lose my landline for several days. I had no problem with my landline before when I was with TalkTalk. or Sky.

I was on an inclusive tariff for landline and calls to mobiles. I have already incurred extra expense as I have had to use my mobile for calls and texts. If I want to contact people over the next few days I will incur further expenses and inconvenience.


I have had no explanation why my landline that was working fine, should be disconnected.  The broadband works fine.

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Re: Line cord error

Sorry that you've experienced a fault, unfortunately these can happen at any time and I understand they are frustrating. The response time is for an Openreach engineer to visit the exchange and resolve the issue.

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Re: Line cord error

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