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Problem with Call Protect

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Problem with Call Protect

Until today, I've found this 1572 service very useful.

The option (1) that I use "diverts" (blocks) the last number which called my landline number. prior to my call to 1572.

Today, I received yet another nuisance call from a genuine number (a car main dealer, sales department). This number is published as the dealership's phone number, so it consists of:-

1) A 5-digit area code beginning 01---

followed by

2)  the normal 6-digit phone number.

The car salesman had been bothering me with repeated useless calls, so, today, after yet  another call from him on the same number, I decided to use Plusnet Call Protect to block that number.

That number of the car dealership showed normally on my phone's list of numbers which have called our own number in the recent past. At the top of the list was the car dealership number.

On answering my call to 1572, the Call Protect service offered, as usual, to block the last number received on my line. It then read out that number.

 I accepted this option (1), but the machine read out the (completely different last number BUT ONE that had called me today, NOT the last number.

I tried twice, using both phones that we have connected to our landline. Same result each time.

Something is stopping Call Protect from seeing the actual last number that has called me today.


Is it possible for a caller to "doctor" their own number in a way which hides it from a screening service like Call Protect, yet allows it to make outgoing calls and appear in 100% normal form on the phone of the number that is being called?


Is so, is this legal, or is it something that I should report to PlusNet's home phone team> Or, if not to them, to whom?

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Hi Carl,

A warm welcome to the forums.

Interesting that you should post this today, following me raising a broad question around compliance with Ofcom General Condition C6 which relates to CLI (Caller Line Identity) validity etc.

First it helps to make something clear, there are two CLIs associated with a call...

  • The displayed (or presented) CLI
  • The real CLI

Some organisations legitimately their real CLI and present a chosen CLI.  Such might happen where an organisation has an automatic PABX with a lot of lines, each having their own CLI, but wish to present a "lead" CLI on all out bound calls.  In such situations, the displayed CLI might not be the same as the real CLI.

However this "facility" is open to abuse and is all too often used to display numbers which cannot be dialled - such is the subject of Ofcom GC C6.

Is the displayed number capable of being dialled?  If not I can imagine that such might cause the call protect system some issues.


This give rise to a passing thought - does Call Protect block based on real CLI or the presented CLI - anyone know?  @198kHz or @Mr_Paul 

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I don't know - sorry.