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Possible problem with new home phone installation?

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Registered: ‎09-11-2010

Possible problem with new home phone installation?

Hi there,
I placed an order for home phone and broadband with plusnet around the 12th October (I think), and as the house is new was advised the line installation would be on the 9th of November (today). Of course, I wasn't happy about this length of time, but of course it's up to BT Openreach not plusnet when this gets done.
Anyway, the line was installed today, and the BT engineer said it was working.
It may be something that just gets updated for everyone, but if I go to the home phone control panel I get the message:
"Our records indicate that your telephone number may already be in use for Home Phone. This is a possible inconsistency with our records. If you wish to add Home Phone to your service please raise a question to our support centre and we will be happy to progress this for you."
I asked for a new number at the signup stage, as obviously I didn't have one before. Is this a normal message? Normally I'd wait a while to see if it is actually an issue, but I'm sure you can understand that after waiting nearly a month for broadband I want to try and smooth the process from here as much as possible! There's no way I can actually test the phone line as I don't use a home phone, just needed the line rental for the broadband.
In any case, is the 5-7 working days figure I've seen accurate for getting the broadband working? I would be incredibly disappointed if it transpired to be more for whatever reason, as obviously not having internet at home severely interferes with my work!
I hope someone can give me a quick response on this one, I'm posting on the forums as they've seemed to often be a better place for support than making a call
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Possible problem with new home phone installation?

Hi sam37r,
It looks like this has been picked up and sorted for you today, I can see that we've now placed an order for the broadband as well. That should complete in 7 working days or so.