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Porting home number over from Virgin

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Porting home number over from Virgin


I'm a new customer awaiting telephone line activation on the 6th Nov

my Virgin service ends on the 13th Nov

I need to bring my number with me to Plusnet and need somebody to confirm that this is being done for me please.

on my application form I put the telephone number I have now (and need to bring over although the form did not allow me to say that anywhere)

can I pm the details to somebody please for you to confirm or make sure its on my works order.

many thanks

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Re: Porting home number over from Virgin


Thanks for getting in touch @flyingflanders 

From what I can see the new line installation order we've placed is providing you with a new telephone number however once the line is installed, we'll then be able to place a renumber order to bring your number across to us. 

I'd just recommend making sure that Virgin Media don't 'cease' or 'stop' your number themselves as it's always best to transfer a number between providers while active. 

I've added a reply to this ticket on your account with this and we'll place the renumber order after the installation happens.

I hope this helps.

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