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Poor response to Noisy Line Chat

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Poor response to Noisy Line Chat

I've just spent over half an hour on the chat line and was then dumped by an agent called link:csa removed.  I told him at the very beginning that I had plugged a phone into the test socket and the line was still noisy.  He presumably went all the way through his script and after over 10mins I told him that the line test I did said "Oops something went wrong".  I confirmed that I would take the front off the main socket and it would take 2 mins.  He then said " I am sorry I can't be more help with this right now" !!!!!!!
THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!! Where has Plusnet's famed customer service gone!
I don't know if he did the line test as I have had no contact since!  Sad
adie:red removed CSA name and attachment with CSA name on it.]
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Re: Poor response to Noisy Line Chat

Sorry that you're unhappy with the way this was handled. The agent actually went through the correct steps, but should have explained better.
I know you had already confirmed that the fault continued in the test socket, but we need to see whether the type of fault reported after we test showed the same. This is because the first test showed as a loop fault, which are often caused by internal equipment.
I'm going to test your line now and will send a ticket to you at shortly.
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