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Plusnet couldn't take Line Rental Saver renewal payment

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Registered: ‎27-03-2020

Plusnet couldn't take Line Rental Saver renewal payment

On 3 March 2020, I phoned Plusnet about renewing my Line Rental Saver and was told it would cost £197.00.

I spoke to "Les", who brought up my account but said he could not take my payment as his system was showing that my account date was in the past.

He spoke to his supervisor and as neither of them could resolve it, Les said he would refer it to the billing team and as he was about to go on leave until 10 March, Les would phone me the following week to take the payment.

He told me not to worry as the fault was at their end and just wait for them to contact me.

But I have not been contacted, and on 20 March 2020 I received an email stating that the next bill would be for a payment of £16.99 on or after 3 April 2020.

This charge is higher than normal as I assume it includes bog-standard line rental, because Les was unable to take my Line Rental Saver renewal payment, even though this is a Plusnet fault, not mine.