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Plusnet contract

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Plusnet contract

If you have a 12 month contract with PN for home phone and broadband what happens when the contract ends ?
Are you notified or do you get transferred on to some higher standard rate.
I ask because prior to transferring to PN I was with BT on a 12 month phone contract which cost £18 a month (anytime call package) but when the contract was finished I was transferred or defaulted to the standard tariff without notice so the phone bill for that first month was quite high due to calls being charged at normal rate.
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Re: Plusnet contract

Unless your 12 month contract has some special reduction for the whole 12 months it won't make any difference to the price.
If there is a discount for the whole 12 months then you would move to the standard rate at the end and go onto a 10 day notice contract