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Plusnet Call Protect

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Plusnet Call Protect

I have this service active, but am still receiving what I consider to be spam / scam / unwanted calls, so eventually found this on the PN website: 

  • Set up Plusnet Call Protect - this free call feature will block nuisance calls from our pre-selected list. You can also add any number you like to your own personal blacklist. You can find out more about it in our call features guide.

There is no information about how to create your own personal blacklist, so I had to call customer service. It transpires that PN internal guides state that I need to wait for a scammer to call me, and then key a few numbers to block future calls. In addition, I was told that PN has no high level "pre-selected list" at all. Seems rather a rather antiquated approach - aside from the misleading information.  

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Re: Plusnet Call Protect

@430 wrote:

In addition, I was told that PN has no high level "pre-selected list" at all. Seems rather a rather antiquated approach

It looks like you may have been told incorrect info. Reading this post there is a list of numbers that are automatically blocked. 

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Re: Plusnet Call Protect

Purely a guess, but I suspect the PN Call Protect system will be a clone or adaptation of the BT one which I have, which works in a similar manner as that described.  However I found out a couple of months ago from an announcement made whilst attempting to add another number that my 'Personal Blacklist' was full.  Apparently you can only add 100 numbers so older numbers will need to be manually deleted online.

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Re: Plusnet Call Protect

The BTsystem allows on line management of their Call Protect whereas the PN version can only be managed via your phone keypad which is an inferior and cumbersome method. Then the PN system is the bargain basement version.

I do not see why PN do not at least add a facility to delete all of your personal list which would be much quicker than doing it individually. All right you may receive some scam calls from a few of the old numbers again but most will have long ceased to be used by scammers. The only way to do that is to remove Call Protect from your account and then reinstate it.


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Re: Plusnet Call Protect

Spammers are wise to these systems and are constantly changing their spoofed caller number, so you will never win this way.

Get a phone with a built in TrueCall monitoring system. I have one of these:

These stop auto diallers getting through to you. I have one of these plus an earlier model for at least 6/7 years without one spam call getting through.