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Plusnet Call Protect

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Re: Plusnet Call Protect

Information on the use of this is poor on your website.  I want to know how I can  add International, Withheld and Unavailable numbers to my blocked list as I've had the Call Protect feature for about a month now but am not seeing any reduction in the volume of nuisance calls I receive.

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Re: Plusnet Call Protect

Dial 1572 and choose option 4 personal options.

Then select option 3 divert by call type.

                                                      Option 1 is to turn on or off.

                                                      Option 2 is to turn withheld number calls on or off.

                                                      Option 3 is to turn international calls on or off

                                                      Option 4 is to turn unrecognised (unavailable) number calls on or off

It's fiddly to set up but I've found it worthwhile. I've used this for a few weeks now and only had one spam call get through. I have not barred withheld numbers as Doctors etc withhold their number.

On page 4 MM263 has a link to a very useful table he has produced.



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Re: Plusnet Call Protect

@salmo wrote:


On page 4 MM263 has a link to a very useful table he has produced. 

The page number varies depending on an individuals's forum settings.  Wink

It's Message No. 51.

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Re: Plusnet Call Protect

Petersof, Download and print the details referenced in earlier Posts.

It all has to be done from your handset and nothing is available via webpage sadly.

I banned everything and have not had a dodgy call over the last 3 months, peace at last.

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Re: Plusnet Call Protect

@bucksboy wrote:

Today I had to ask customer services to switch it on, but long wait so tried chat, yep got it done ( it's free/part of your package cost so why have to ask for it to be switched on by Plusnet, should be self selected in all it's aspects .

 I have just come across this after recently placing a Broadband and Phone order which I am waiting for activation.

 The order process should provide this as an option as well as being ex-directory. Its only now I realise this wasn't done when ordering which it should do in my opinion.