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Plusnet Call Protect not working

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Plusnet Call Protect not working


I ordered Plusnet Call Protect over 2 weeks ago and it is still not working.  There is a ticket on my account #149150869 from the 5th and it said that it would be working within 24 hours.  It's still not working.  It is coming up with the error of "The service cannot be connected".


Please can this be sorted.


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Re: Plusnet Call Protect not working

You probably won't get a response on here knowing plusnet. I have had some issues with the same services of things not working correctly but with someone else Wink

Try and get plusnet to remove the call protect component and then add it back again. Will likely take a day or so to do that. This should reset it if you are having technical issues or features that are not working correctly.

Worth a try.





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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Plusnet Call Protect not working

From looking at your account this should be sorted now?

Let us know if that's not the cause.

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