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Phone service installation unsuccessful

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Phone service installation unsuccessful

Hello all!
I'm just hoping to get some help please Smiley
I've moved into a new house and a couple of days prior organised to use Plusnet's service for my phone and broadband.
I hadn't received any updates but have now noticed after sending a question through to support that they had sent me some information. There seems to be a problem with the service being installed? Does anyone know what this might be and if there's anything I can do to fix this?
We've been in nearly 2 weeks now and getting slightly frustrated! Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!
Thank you
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Re: Phone service installation unsuccessful

Sorry about the confusion here. I've just been over your account and the phone order has actually completed. Our system tried to place 2 orders shortly after each other, so the second one was rejected as the first was already in place.
Now that the phone order is complete your broadband order will go ahead and should complete in 4 working days.
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