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Phone line only - out of contract term

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Phone line only - out of contract term

Hi folks,


I'm finding it impossible to get a coherent answer from the call center on this question.


My situation:

  • I'm out of contract period for ADSL and Phone with plusnet
  • A fixed wireless broadband provider has started up in my area
  • I want to cancel my ADSL and keep my phone only

How do I best achieve that?

  • Plusnet call center won't let me cancel just ADSL from the line
  • Am I forced to leave plusnet and if so will ordering just phone only from the new supplier auto-cancel the ADSL?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Phone line only - out of contract term


Welcome to the community forums @alasdairbailey


Unfortunately we don't offer phone without broadband.


If you were to migrate your phone line to a new provider, this may not necessarily cease your broadband. If the new phone provider uses BT lines, the broadband would remain active and your account would switch to a broadband only account.


If you migrate your phone away and then request we cease the broadband after, that would achieve what you're after.

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 Harry Beesley
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Re: Phone line only - out of contract term

Thanks - with the rise of competitor ISPs who don't need the phone line you should tell your call center staff about this process. The guy I spoke with this morning simply could not get his head around this.

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Re: Phone line only - out of contract term


If you only use your phone an average or low amount have a look at Pulse8.

£13 per month line rental
All calls charged to the nearest second with no minimum call connection fees.
Local/National Day 1p/min
Local/National Eve 0.8p/min
UK Mobile 8p/min
Min. Call Charge 0.00

In fact a lot of Plusnet users could save money by moving their line to them (even allowing for the extra Plusnet charge if the line is not with them).

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