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Phone line issues and unable to reach / get a reponse from Plusnet

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Phone line issues and unable to reach / get a reponse from Plusnet

I have a very noisy, crackly line so I can barely hear callers. Checked handsets, plugged in corded phone, took front of master socket and plugged in phone direct and nothing made any difference.


I contact plusnet via telephone yesterday - system said to expect 15min wait & live chat not working  After a 30 minute wait got through to an agent.  really struggled to make out what he was saying (what with the phone and his heavy accent) and was told there was no line fault and asked to try a microfilter.  I was told that I would be sent an email to reply to if that didn’t work.  It didn’t work and no email received.


I have tried calling again tonight (still no live chat available) and system is says 45 mins (which on yesterdays timing suggests an 1 hr wait!) which is unacceptable and ridiculous - I really don't have an hour to spare hanging on a phone hoping someone might answer sometime eventually. 


Can anyone suggest what the issue with the phone might be and how to contact Plusnet via email or raise a ticket


Aside from that - i would just say if Plusnet are listening - I've been with you several years (after leaving BT because their customer service was non-existent) and you use to be really good to deal with, helpful, clear and responsive.  I am really disappointed with what you have become and am seriously considering moving now.  Its so difficult to get any support from Plusnet now - there seems to be a total lack of interest in providing a good standard of customer service and for a phone & internet company you are incredibly difficult to get hold of!

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Re: Phone line issues and unable to reach / get a reponse from Plusnet

If you run through the home phone troubleshooter on the Plusnet website and answer all the questions it will perform a line test and log a support ticket with the results.



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Re: Phone line issues and unable to reach / get a reponse from Plusnet

Thanks for that but unfortunately it does not work. Every time I run the line test it fails to complete and just gives me an error message and the main number.

As there seemed no other way I went in to broadband fault reporting it thru that which has raised a ticket online. Pity this option is not available thru the phone troubleshooting. Would be good to have a means of reporting a phone fault without having to make a phone call which is difficult when you have a phone fault!
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Re: Phone line issues and unable to reach / get a reponse from Plusnet

For a few months at least now the phone test facility has been giving that error. It does raise a ticket, and the fault is passed to BTOR - the system just doesn't tell you that!  Roll_eyes

Just one of the many little quirks in Plusnet's systems. Sad

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Re: Phone line issues and unable to reach / get a reponse from Plusnet

Apologies for the wait times you've experienced recently while trying to report a fault.


Hopefully this is resolved following the engineer appointment that's been booked in for you.


Thanks for your patience.

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Re: Phone line issues and unable to reach / get a reponse from Plusnet

Hi Martin,


I am having exactly the same problem with my Plusnet phoneline. I, too, switched from BT over two years ago.

I am awaiting a visit from an Openreach engineer on Thursday. My broadband speeds have also been hit badly, which apparently is a common result of interference on the main wired landline.

I would wholeheartedly tend to agree with you about the gradual decline in accessibility of the Plusnet customer service centre. Telephone wait times are getting longer and longer. I. Addition, Plusnet seem to have taken on a number of less effective, foreign-sounding staff, who speak poor English - and this is exacerbating the overall communication problem, when combined with trying to explain the essential problem to them on a crackly line!

Here's hoping we both get our problems resolved soon.


It is surely no co-incidence that the decline in overall Plusnet quality of service has occurred since they were actually TAKEN OVER BY BT, and are now a BT GROUP company.

Also, the rapid increase in their customer numbers in recent years probably means that they haven't recruited sufficient technical support staff customer advisers of a sufficiently high quality.


This is very sad.


It all began so well, but unless they pull their socks up, the latest very high quality new providers like giff-gaff and Utility Warehouse will be snatching customers from them. I am an established Which? consumer charity member - and will be feeding back my experience of the current Plusnet apparent decline and what I feel the company can do to 'stop the rot' before it worsens. 


All the best. 😉