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Phone line down repeatedly

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Phone line down repeatedly

I have been a plusnet customer for a few months and generally satisfied until about a month ago when the problems started. Initially we heard from out friends that they could not reach us on our phone [landline] but when we checked [later] it was working ok. But later the phone line started going dead for several hours or a few days with no dial tone and without broadband connectivity. Spoke to plusnet customer services who advised some checks [getting all the splitters out/ checking in master socket etc] and diagnosed a problem with the openreach exchange. A fault was raised with openreach and the service was restored 2 days later
Fault Type:NDT
Test Results:Fault located at exchange (Openreach side of MDF)
Description: FAULT - Loop
This is the email I got from plusnet.
I am not sure if there was any repair done, as the same problem has recurred 4 times [line dead for a few days each time] within the last month now. This time the service has not been restored for the last 5 days. I cannot get any information from openreach as I cannot contact them directly. It looks like there may be some loose contact after the recent lightning and storms in Essex but no engineer has come to check out lines. Our neighbours have a normal service. Plusnet say they cannot advise Openreach engineers what to do. I am in the Laindon exchange [in essex] area.
Anyone with similar problems or any help / info regarding this recurrent problem is welcome.
[I have changed all the splitters / have tried a different modem router / different landline already. The cable running from my home to the pole looks intact.]
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Phone line down repeatedly

Hi Essexman,
Sorry to hear you're having problems with your phone line.
I have checked on this for you and I can see the fault was raised on the 12th and the estimated repair time is today by midnight. An engineer has been assigned as of 8:02am this morning and they'll visit the exchange to see what the problem is. Our Faults team will receive updates from the engineer later today. Any updates will be provided on Ticket: 91507942
Sorry for any inconvenience this is causing Sad