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Phone issues

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Phone issues


Until recently i have been using an old corded handset on an extension line with no problems. I've bought a cordless handset but am having trouble getting it to work properly. Most of the time there is no dial tone at all. if i unplug the line into the handset's base and reconnect it i do get a dial tone for a short while but it is soon replaced with the "please hang up and try again" message. If i call the new handset from my mobile i get "the person is on the phone" message. i have tried to call my mobile from the handset and this does work when i have a dialing tone. I've tested both from the 5C master socket and the extension and the issue is the same. The old corded handset works fine but not the new fancy one. I did the line checking service online and it said the result was unclear.

i guess it would help if tested the new handset on someone else's line to rule out the handset as the issue which i will try tomorrow.

Help appreciated, thanks.

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Re: Phone issues

Welcome to the forum.  Smiley

The symptoms as described would suggest that the cordless system is in permanent "off hook" mode.

You're right that the best initial step would be to try on a different line.

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Re: Phone issues

Hi there.

I've tested your line today and as expected (since your corded handset works) we're not finding any issues. Let us know how it goes when you've been able to try your cordless handset on someone else's line.

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