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Phone fault reporting

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Phone fault reporting

I've tried to log a phone fault but the line check wouldn't complete (tried a few times)& the queues for on the phone were long. However, I've checked my open questions in my account and there are now 4 open questions for the same fault.


There was no indication doing a line check would open a question (I've had no text or emails either) - seems a bit inefficient so perhaps you want to close 3 of the 4 open questions?

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Re: Phone fault reporting

Hi there,


The lack of a meaningful update after the line test completes, and the fact that the system tries to raise a fault each time the test runs is something we're aware of and looking to fix.


I've now closed all the duplicate tickets on your account, leaving just the first one open. We'll provide updates to this ticket after the response time of 20/02/17 23:59:59 we've been given.


Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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