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Phone Troubleshooter Output

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Phone Troubleshooter Output


My phone has stopped working (no incoming or outgoing calls). I tried the troubleshooter given here:

This resulted in a message 'Oops something seems to have gone wrong. Call us on 08004320200'

I tried that and was told the wait was 30 minutes so gave up.

I then tried the troubleshooter a few more times, more in hope than expectation - same result each time.

Looking at my Open Questions though I now see four entries like this:

Your fault has now been raised with Openreach (who we work with on phone issues) for further investigation.

The problems you're experiencing are usually resolved within 1-3 working days. If this isn't the case, we'll contact you to let you know.

The Openreach task can be tracked with the reference: TRxxxxx.

Here's a summary of the details collected from the Phone Troubleshooter:

Phone line tested
Landline number: 01xxxxx

Primary contact details
Full name: Mr xxxx
Contact number: xxxxxx

Details about the problem
Problem experienced: No dial tone
Additional information: can't make or receive calls

Fault details
Fault location: LN
Diagnosis code: T117
Description: FAULT - Dis one leg in network

External fault reason
Reason: FAIL

The troubleshooter made no mention I could see of having found and reported a fault on any occasion.

So can I safely take it this will now be remedied, or do I still need to phone support as the troubleshooter said (I'd rather not given the wait time (and the lack of any phone other than mobile). Does the [INTERNAL] have any implications for whether this has really been reported to Openreach?



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Re: Phone Troubleshooter Output

Hello @mag


This indicates a fault has been raised with Openreach, and these kind of faults are usually looked into within 48 hours (excluding weekends).


It's unlikely that the engineer will require access to your property, but it's not uncommon. Our faults team will keep you updated on the progress of the fault via the ticket(s) that's raised on your account.

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Re: Phone Troubleshooter Output

Thanks for that Anoush.

It would be useful if the troubleshooter interface provided an indication that a fault had been found and a report raised - instead of just 'Oops, something seems to have gone wrong - phone support'.

I doubt if I'm the first person to have retried and so got the same fault reported multiple times.

Now I'm wondering if the Openreach engineer addressing fault report 1will fix the line fault, and engineers 2, 3 and 4 will all knock on my door and say there is no line fault it must be my phone!


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Re: Phone Troubleshooter Output

I think the 'Oops, something seems to have gone wrong - phone support'. message is meaning that something has gone wrong with the fault checker, not that it has found a fault on your line.  It just so happens that in your case it has actually got to the point where it has created the ticket and sent it to Openreach.  Openreach wouldn't accept multiple faults being opened on your line at once, you engineers 2, 3 and 4 won't be sent from your actions so far.



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Re: Phone Troubleshooter Output

Apologies for any confusion/inconvenience this has caused.

I believe this is being looked in to already following this thread:
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Re: Phone Troubleshooter Output

OK - thanks to all who took the trouble to reply.

I'm glad it wasn't just me who was failing to make sense of the troubleshooter.

Openreach have been and the phone is now working - though they did warn that they'll probably have to break it again for a while next week because the box where they made the repair is in such a state.