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Payment failed

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Payment failed

Spoke to someone over the phone regarding this matter.Don't know why payment failed as the money still on the account and doesn't show any unpaid D/D i was able to check this online but unfortunately i can't find out why the bank didn't pay as they won't give me the information because is not my account.My husband is out of the country and should return tonight but his flight was cancelled due to severe weather,so he won't be here for another day or so therefore i will have to make a payment myself.
Can't pay with a card as my card still in the post so i would appreciate to be told how to make a payment as surely there must me alternative ways to make a payment as cash,bank transfer etc.
Could someone please advise me how to pay.
Many tkd
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Payment failed

Hi snowball,
Apart from direct debit or card we can't take payment. You could ask someone who has a card to pay it for you and give them the cash.
Jojo Smiley