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PSTN Cease

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Registered: ‎28-11-2013

Re: PSTN Cease

Cease has gone through.
So how do I get it re-provisioned?
Quote from: pwatson
Quote from: kei073
Due to complete on 19/12/2013.
My phone line with my previous provider is due to end then.

Perhaps the OP cancelled the service from the previous provider rather than letting that hapening naturally when the line transferred?
The previous provider is BE, which only provides landline along with broadband, not the landline on its own. So when the broadband switched to Plusnet on 28/11/2013, the landline was scheduled to get cancelled following a grace period ending on 19/12/2013 (Cease order started on 16/12/2013).
I don't know when Plusnet placed their transfer order or when it was due to finish.
On 19/11/2013 received an email "placed the simultaneous phone and fibre order for you and booked the appointment for 28/11/2013" referring to the engineer appointment. Had assumed this meant that both the broadband and landline would be switched over at the same time. But looking at it now, guess it just meant that I had ordered both at the same time.