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Outrageous charges to phone vulnerable relative

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Outrageous charges to phone vulnerable relative

I have received a notification from PlusNet regarding telephone call charges saying I have reached my Home Phone call credit threshold. My contract charges for calls as they happen which usually is very, very low. However during the Covid-19 crisis we have been using the landline (mobile reception is poor) to call our mother-in-law who is in her 80s, living alone, to keep her spirits up. This has resulted in a >£50 bill already for phoning her (she lives about 3 miles away). As soon as I noted these charges I changed the contract to include limitless calls to UK landline and mobiles but this doesn't seem to come into affect until the new monthly charge later in April. I'm now being told I've nearly reached the limit and if I do then more charges will be incurred!


Help - this is crazy in a crisis!!





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Re: Outrageous charges to phone vulnerable relative


Do you have a laptop with a microphone and speaker or a mobile phone connected to your router? If so have you considered installing an App such as Skype? With a pay as you go account I believe that the call rate is 2p per minute.

£5 credit would enable you to try it and perhaps save you a fortune.

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Re: Outrageous charges to phone vulnerable relative


See this thread:

Some Plusnet staff have the ability to make implementation of call plans immediate if you ask. You can see the appropriate staffer to PM on that thread.

In the present crisis it is about time Plusnet worked out how to make such changes instant rather than the next billing date without having to resort to manual intervention.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Outrageous charges to phone vulnerable relative


Hello @MarkARudge


I believe my colleague Tony has resolved this with you following your private message.


Please get back to us if you need any further assistance.





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