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Outgoing calls suspended

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Outgoing calls suspended

I'm a computer technician supporting mostly home users. One of my customers recently received this by email from Plusnet:

"Unfortunately we've had to temporarily stop all outgoing calls from your phone service. This is because we've had a complaint from a member of the public saying they've received nuisance calls from your number. We'll now pass the details of the complaint to the Nuisance Calls Service and any relevant parties for investigation. If we're told that no nuisance calls have been made using your account, we'll email you to let you know and re-start your outgoing calls. An administration fee of £5.76 will be added to your next bill."

The email is genuinely from Plusnet, and the customer can indeed now not dial out on their home phone. This seems wrong on a number of levels. Can anyone shed any light on it?

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Re: Outgoing calls suspended

The chances are that some rogue spam-bot has/had spoofed your customers number to hide their own. It does happen, but only very rarely, and the NCS (and other official bodies) can investigate and advise your CP accordingly, which they appear to have done.

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Re: Outgoing calls suspended

@medwds   wot @jab1  says.

But I would also be chasing PN to check their call logs - if no calls to the numbers concerned should it even have been referred to the NCS. And I would also be challenging the extra fee if there is no evidence of calls from their line.

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Re: Outgoing calls suspended

Hey there @medwds I'm going to pm you to just get the customer's username so I can have a look as I haven't seen one of these emails before.

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