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Ongoing phone line issue

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Ongoing phone line issue

I have been experiencing problems with my phone line for about the last 2 weeks on and off. My phone line was checked about a week or two ago by a BT engineer and given the all clear, after which my phone line was working correctly for about a week, with nothing changing at my end during this time.
However, about 4 days ago my phone line, as a result of this also my broadband connection, started to not work correctly once again. You then proceeded to send another BT engineer round who failed to even turn up and left a voicemail saying that he couldn't contact me directly (which he had by leaving a voicemail by the way) and to contact my service provider.
Whilst I appreciate that the fault is more than likely that of BT, it is entirely down to you that I haven't had any response whatsoever for over 48 hours and I will be taking this up at a higher level should this wait be much longer, at this point I am very seriously considering switching to another service provider.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Ongoing phone line issue

Hi jcourtenay,
Sorry to hear this has been on-going.
I've passed this to our phone faults team along with your notes to pick up and they'll update you shortly.