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Number porting in with two lines at same address

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Registered: ‎05-05-2020

Number porting in with two lines at same address

I have two lines into my property, both with active VDSL services.

Historically this was because I had poor speed ADSL and had to ‘bond’ (actually load balancer) them.

Since fibre, the speeds are obviously much better, but I have a challenge:

The ‘newer’ line into the property has always been significantly faster and more stable.

The ‘old’ line has the phone number we share with friends, family etc.


I now have Plusnet as the provider on the new (fast) line and everything is looking good as DLM settles.

So - I want to port our ‘public’ phone number from the old line onto Plusnet.

I understand this may cease the service with the other provider, but I’m out of contract. It would be a bonus if it didn’t cease though, by reprovisioning a new number, as it’s a useful backup.


I don’t want to end up with Plusnet / public number on the old line!

is this something that can be done?

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