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No response to welfare case - please help urgently

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No response to welfare case - please help urgently

On Monday I phoned on behalf of my 82 yr old mother to report that her phone line was faulty. Your representative said that the line had an 'earthing problem' and the issue was on your system. When you told me how long it would take to get an engineer out, I told you that my mother lived alone, had mobility issues and relied on her Help Call system - which works through the phone line.


You representative said that made the issue a "welfare" case and that someone would phone my mother today between 12.00 and 18.00 to make arrangements for repair.

She waited all afternoon for the call but it never arrived.

She is now facing another night alone without her Help Call service.

It is atrocious to promise this service on welfare grounds and then not deliver - especially to a vulnerable person.

Then... you have no emergency number to call... the wait time for a regular call is 30 mins, I'm no. 16 in the chat online queue.

The message on your hold system refers to raising a ticket online...? Where? How do I do that? I can see on this forum that people are quoting ticket numbers - but how do I access this service?


Please contact me and my mother immediately - at very least with an update on the status of this issue.

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Re: No response to welfare case - please help urgently

You can no longer raise a ticket; PN stopped that service some years ago, unfortunately.
Hopefully someone from PN will pick this up soon.


When they said earthing fault was on their system, they mean Openreach's.

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Re: No response to welfare case - please help urgently

I took that sentence in the OP to mean that testing had revealed an earthing problem, and that the fault report had been logged on PN's system.

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Re: No response to welfare case - please help urgently

Hi there,


Sorry to hear your mother's phone line isn't working.

Mind dropping me a PM with her username so I can investigate?




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