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No progress on transfer of landline number to new line.

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No progress on transfer of landline number to new line.

Hello all,


I have to admit I expected better from Plusnet. Having transferred both my landline and broadband from BT everything went live from 18-Sep - all fine except that my request to keep my landline number didn't follow the line. Fair enough, things get lost occasionally so I raised a "wizard ticket" and (eventually) received a response (several days later) advising me to call and make the request. Help desk agent was very good and advised no request to transfer in my old number seemed to exist, they proceeded to raise a request (all very quick and efficient) and, based on the phone number range being owned by BT,  advised it should only take about 24 hours to implement and I would receive a call when it was all done and dusted. I placed this call on 24-Sep and as of  30-Sep it's all quiet. In the interim I've been met with "we can't answer, very busy, apologies etc" when calling support so ended up adding a note to my original wizard ticket asking for an update... and here we are a few days later update and still no transfer in of my old number.

I appreciate Covid-19 is creating all manners of chaos but I would have thought that requesting the use of a recently released BT number would be relatively straightforward to do - I image Plusnet have access to systems to request numbers directly from whomever the top level range holder is.

If any of you gurus are out there and come across this please feel free to lookup my existing open ticket and prod wit with a pointy stick!




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Re: No progress on transfer of landline number to new line.


Thanks for your post @DrMonkeyMan 

I'm really sorry for the delay. I've now placed an order to renumber your line back to your original number. This should go through before the close of play on 06/10/20 at the latest. We'll follow things up after.

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