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No phone service for 7 weeks

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No phone service for 7 weeks

Transfer of old phone number and connection of line to my new build started on 23rd November. Since then I have had 3 BT or BT subcontractor visits but still not connected to the exchange. PlusNet have promised completion on various dates and I have called endlessly only to wait on hold for up to an hour before being able to speak to yet another adviser who then has to review the case notes and apologise for the inconvenience. Inconvenience?? I am appalled at  the total lack of customer help I have experienced. I just get fobbed off with a new date for completion then nothing happens. I would like to complain via OfCom but it seems I have to exhaust formal complaints to PlusNet for 8 weeks before things get escalated. I have a very long letter for the Customs Relations manager and expect substantial recompense for the sheer frustration and time I have spent trying to get this issue resolved.
'We'll do you proud??' What a joke.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No phone service for 7 weeks

Hi Lowenek and sorry to see you've not had a reply to this post yet.
I can see the complaint you mentioned was closed back in December and the order for your line has completed this means that we fully expect it to be working, a line test I've just performed also backs that up.
If you're having issues with the service still this would need to be reported as a fault. FYI in case you still need to do this it can be reported online at
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