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No phone, no internet, no help from Plusnet

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No phone, no internet, no help from Plusnet

My phone has never worked properly since switching to plus net 6 months ago. An engineer came out 9 days ago, at which point the internet stopped working too.
I was told it would be fixed within 72 hours but it hasn't and I am paying for a service that I'm not receiving.
Getting updates from plusnet is impossible; I have been phoning on a daily basis, with an average hold time of 30 minutes each time. I've asked to speak to the faults department but been told I can't as they "don't take calls". I've been fobbed off by being told I'll be called back but haven't.
I am getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress and lack of information. Customer service provision is appalling, as is the ability to fix faults in a timely fashion.
I am losing the will to live and can't wait to terminate my contract with plusnet. I'm sure I'm not the first customer to rename them "[-Censored-]" .

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): Plusnet name fixed in title as per Forum rules.

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Re: No phone, no internet, no help from minus net

This could justifiably be called the GrumbleNet Community.  If it were possible to sift through the thousands of posts and look just for the ones that do not complain about the PlusNet Customer Service, Service Provision, etc. the list would be a miniscule percentage of the overall post and topics.

Given that generally we don't 'put pen to paper' unless we're annoyed about something, it seems very strange that most of the complaints are about unfulfilled parts of the Contract of Service, and PlusNet seldom resolve them.

By chance I happened upon a topic (while looking for an answer to another question) that had been posted by PlusNet (the Company, not the Community) from about ten years ago.  In it were aims and aspirations to resolve most of the problems we all moan about today.  If nothing has changed in ten years, what chance do we have of changing something in months?

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Re: No phone, no internet, no help from minus net

Yes , when its working its excellent for what you pay Thumbs_Up

But as you say support when things go wrong is getting lacking to say the least Sad the promises that Plusnet have made over the last 8 years i have been here have not been addressed and are still waiting to be fixed , there comes to a point where Give us time we will get there no longer cuts it Knuppel

But they have admitted they are short of staff  Ticked_off

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Re: No phone, no internet, no help from minus net

I just posted about this issue I suffered with for 4 years. I called them and said I want it fixed and if the engineer dare blame my phone again I'll be shouting next time I call. They repeatedly blamed my phone until i threatened to leave. Guess what? It's now been fixed....after 4 years and approx. 4-6 separate engineer visits.
I still want to leave them now, im insulted over how much they lied, pushed blame and were patronising on the phone after the hour long wait times.
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Re: No phone, no internet, no help from Plusnet

Thanks, yes they tried to blame my phone too. Very depressing that it took 4 years to sort out.

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Re: No phone, no internet, no help from Plusnet

Hi there @Greenleaf2

Sorry to hear of your experience and I'm happy this has been resolved for you.

I believe my colleague from our complaints team still holds personal ownership over the ticket on your account, so if you have any further concerns or queries please reply to this ticket and he'll be in touch with you.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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