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No Phone Since Sunday!

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No Phone Since Sunday!

I am posting this on behalf of my 72 year old mother. Her phone stopped working on Sunday evening-no outgoing dial tone, permanantly engaged, incoming calls cut off after one ring. I reported this to customer services on Monday (30 minutes on hold)- response being standard- Openreach engineer would be out 48-72 hours. Eventually approx midday today my mother received a call to say the problem was fixed. On getting home although she can now dial out (with a lot of noise on the line) incoming calls  are greeted with a message that there is a fault on the line. She tried phoning customer services today and after a 30 minute wait was cut off before fully explaining the problem!

This really is not good enough-an elderly woman on her own without a working landline for 5 days now- and no suggestion of a resolution. She relies heavily on her phone and feels vulnerable without it- could someone please pick this up and get it sorted.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No Phone Since Sunday!


Hi there @AW,


I'm sorry your mother has been having issues. To enable me to investigate this if you please private message me your mum's account username I can check what's been happening. 


What I would say is that Openreach have a vulnerable customer fault process for phone related issues, was this mentioned on your initial contact with the agent? It has to meet criteria to be accepted but if it was it should have been followed to enable the fault to be resolved faster.