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No/Intermittent dial tone and poor fibre connection

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Registered: ‎20-02-2014

No/Intermittent dial tone and poor fibre connection

For a few days now my phone line has had no dial tone. It sometimes come back after 9pm every day, but when I try to dial out/Receive calls there's no response. I've tried all the connection troubleshoot stuff to no avail.
I've also seen a 10Mb drop in my fibre speed Sad Dunno if there's an issue with the line or something?
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: No/Intermittent dial tone and poor fibre connection

Hi M123Ak,
Really sorry to hear of the issues you're experiencing.
I've ran a line test and have picked up an external fault on your line. I have raised this to our suppliers and they have advised the Estimated Repair Time is 14/04/14 23:59:59.
Hopefully the issue with your phone line is causing the drop in your Fibre speed in which case it should be rectified when the fault is fixed. If it doesn't improve after the fault on your phone line is fixed we will have to investigate this further.
Our Faults team will pick up your ticket after the Estimated Repair Time and provide any further updates.