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No Dial Tone

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Registered: ‎29-07-2020

No Dial Tone


I've just joined Plusnet and have unfortunately already had a terrible experience. Have now been without connection since 20th July. I had confirmations yesterday that my phone line and broadband were now ready but they're clearly not and the only obvious issue I can tell is that there is no dial tone on my phone. I've tried the phone line check a few times today with the response that "The result of your line check is unclear".

I've already raised a ticket for the problems I've had. I really want to cancel the whole contract as I'm still in the cooling off period since this is a switch rather than a brand new order, but I don't know how long a new order with a new supplier will take and I'm in desperate need of internet because I'm working from home. Is anyone from Plusnet there who can actually give me some confidence they will do something about this? A side issue is that I'm going to be charged for yesterday and today when I've not received what I've paid for. I've never had any issues with switching to other suppliers and it's almost a month (1st July) since I put the initial switch request in. Is it really supposed to be this difficult?