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No Dial Tone No Master Socket

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Registered: ‎25-07-2018

No Dial Tone No Master Socket

I've got no dial tone on my phone, but broadband works fine.



If i plug the phone in without a filter.. it knocks the internet off, if i plug into the filter and ring my home number from my mobile, the home phone rings, but when i pick up it's dead, the mobile phone is still ringing, and when i put the home phone down, the handset continues to ring.


I've tried two corded phones with the same result, and verified the phones are working at a different property.


I have been told to plug the phone into the master socket... which I don't have access to.  This is a new build house and all that we have is the BT External Master Socket outside the house, as seen here.



With no socket to plug the phone into.

We have had no dial tone for the 2 years we've had plusnet.. this wasn't a concern before as we didn't use the home phone, but now I am in need of a landline.


I can't get any proper response from plusnet as call wait times approach an hour and can't spend that long on hold.. and my experiences with live chat tell me that they can't help and to call.


The phones were working fine previously when we had Sky broadband, but not since switching to plusnet


Any advice would be useful before we consider switching carriers.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: No Dial Tone No Master Socket

Sorry to hear this Chris.

Our tests aren't showing a external fault so I'm afraid the only way we can progress the issue is to book a engineer visit to the property.

If you can respond to the ticket I've raised here we'll get that picked up for you

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team