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New contract and transfer landline to Plusnet

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New contract and transfer landline to Plusnet



I am a new customer to be able to use home broadband and phone (landline) service.

I cancelled Vodafone home broadband and phone service and made a contract with Plusnet.

I got an email that landline service is active. I found the landline number is different from when I was in the service of Vodafone.

If a customer in general cancelled with a previous provider, then the landline needs to be newly installed and charged?

Otherwise, there is no landline rental fee in my contract?


I paid for the first-month cost when I made a contract with Plusnet for the home broadband and phone (landline) service.

Can I get a refund with the un-use of days because a router didn't arrive yet and broadband service is not active?


Thirdly, I can't reach a calling. I was waiting for 12 minutes to reach a calling service to ask those questions.

(It is quite long. If there is a survey, I would give a poor point.)


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Re: New contract and transfer landline to Plusnet


If you cancel with the old supplier (Vodaphone), the phone number lapses, and the physical line will be given a new number.

You can only keep your phone number if you sign up with the new supplier (Plusnet) and they would arrange the old number to be ported to them when they take over the line from Vodaphone.