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New account - No incoming phone calls

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Registered: 3 weeks ago

New account - No incoming phone calls

Just switched over to PlusNet for broadband and telephone.

The broadband is fine, and outgoing telephone calls work fine... but no incoming calls (except for local neighbour, across the road, that works)? So the hardware is working fine.. 


Looking at recent posts it seems that some lines have had migration issues when switching over from the previous suppler and it's a BT configuration issue. I've tried calling the support telephone number and after 60 minutes on hold, gave up. 'Online Chat' is erm... offline.


Anybody at PlusNet care to have a look into this issue please...

Posts: 2
Registered: 3 weeks ago

Re: New account - No incoming phone calls

I have the same problem, broadband working fine, can make outgoing calls but cannot receive incoming ones.Anyone out there from Plusnet who can resolve the situation please.