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Neighbour's building work fouling phone line

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Registered: ‎14-04-2017

Neighbour's building work fouling phone line

My neighbours are doing building work and my phone line into the house will eventually rest on their roof.  The new roof obstructs the line of sight from the pole to where the cable comes into my house.

Am I correct in believing this will ultimately wear the cable and cause problems, and if so, who is responsible (arrangements and costs) for resolving the issue, and how do I (or they) go about arranging the work to resolve it?

Many thanks for any help.  


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Neighbour's building work fouling phone line

Hiya @chartersg, thank you for getting in touch. Should you experience any issue with the service if you get in touch with us we can report a fault with our suppliers to investigate and resolve.

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team