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Need to keep same Landline number

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Need to keep same Landline number

Phoned Talk Talk today to tell them I wanted to cancel my contract, for broadband and home phone, at the end of my contract mid February. I also asked about porting my current landline number and was told it was not a problem my new provider has simply to request the number to be transferred

I then tried to sign up online with PlusNet and got the following messages


'You don't have a compatible phone service'

'We need to give you a new phone number'

I phoned PlusNet support and was told that my landline number could not be transferred.

I phoned Talk Talk again who, after some checks, confirmed that there was no problem transferring the number at their end, PlusNet simply needed to send an 'Unsolicited and Cease' order to Talk Talk.

Can someone clarify why my Talk Talk landline number cannot be ported to PlusNet..



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Re: Need to keep same Landline number

First observation is that you should not have cancelled with TalkTalk. The rules for moving to another supplier have been set out by Ofcom.

The move is now gaining supplier led, in other words choose your provider and let them do everything.

You could now be in a situation where a cease order is placed on your line by TalkTalk which prevents anyone else placing any new orders. This may produce more grief for you further down the line.

As far as retaining your cherished phone number there have been a number of posts on the forum about this. Not all outcomes have been favourable for the customer.


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Re: Need to keep same Landline number

Talk talk claim they have not done anything.

They are waiting to hear from my new provider to contact them. Until they hear from my new provider my contract with Talk Talk will continue to run.




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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Need to keep same Landline number

Hi Oswas, I'm sorry to hear that you have been told we cannot retain your current telephone number.


I've attempted to access your account to perform some checks to determine whether your number can be retained. However, I am unable to locate your account details on your forum profile. Please can you send me a private message with your username so that I can investigate this and update you further.



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