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Moving to new home

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Moving to new home

Hi there,

We're moving in about a month's time. We wish to hand the existing phone number for our property onto the purchasers because it is connected to a small holiday apartments concern which they are taking over. It would be much simpler if they could just take over the existing number.

We would also like to transfer our existing Plusnet Broadband and Home Phone contract, which we took out in March, to our new property. There is a significant difference between provision because the old one is an isolated offshore island property on the highest tariff while the new one is a city centre property in Cornwall and should, therefore, be cheaper. Would we be able to negotiate a reduction in our broadband/phone tariff because of this? How do we go about arranging the transfer of our contract from one property to the other?

The new property already has a master socket for phone and broadband and the previous owners obviously used Sky. Would there be an existing phone number for the property that we will take over or will we need a new phone number? 

Many thanks for your help,

Lois Ann

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Re: Moving to new home



I have no idea whether or not you can "hand" your phone number to the new property owner.


However, a major complication in your plans is the OpenReach "Stop Sell" on new PSTN orders along with any Internet services that use the copper lines. Internet services are now provisioned over digital only connections (still using the copper wire to the property).


Further more PN don't do VOIP so may only offer Internet.


I suspect both you and the new owner will need to go down the VOIP route with all that that entails. For you it would invlove getting a new number.


I suggest you phone the PlusNet Customer Options Team on 0800 013 2632 to see what your choices are.



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Re: Moving to new home

@bmc wrote:


I suggest you phone the PlusNet Customer Options Team on 0800 013 2632 to see what your choices are.

I suspect the only choice that will be available from Plusnet will be to transfer the broadband service to the new property with no landline option.

The only alternative option that I can see is for the current number is to move the current service to SOGEA, port the phone to a VoIP company and see if they will allow the phone account to be transferred to a different 'owner'. I suspect that this might be unlikely so check before embarking down this lengthy route.

You will not be able to take over the same number at the new property unless the current owner goes down the same route.

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