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Moving Phone Service From Plusnet

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Moving Phone Service From Plusnet

Is anyone able to confirm that if I have Plusnet broadband, can I successfully change phone line provider without impacting broadband service i.e. avoiding a cease and reprovide?  Would there be any service interruption (phone line or Broadband)?
In terms of other phone line suppliers to transfer to, I am talking about other BT Openreach infrastructure provided suppliers first and foremost, e.g. BT Retail themselves, Post Office to think of two easy examples.  My understanding is it would  not be possible to move the phoneline only to an unbundled supplier e.g. O2.
I know there is a migration path that works for transferring broadband, but what I am talking about is keeping broadband in place and tranferring the phone line service?  
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Re: Moving Phone Service From Plusnet

I can only speak for a Plusnet to BT telephone transfer having done this myself in 2009.  There was no interruption at all and no difference to broadband service.