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Moving Home - options

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Moving Home - options

I'm planning to move home in the next week or so. It's all happened very suddenly - I exchanged contracts on Friday and it completes tomorrow - so I've not had any warning myself. However, I am not selling my present house and I plan to do that up and let it in due course, so I can choose my moving date to suit me.
My current home has a BT phone and PN Broadband. The new house has Virgin for both which I don't want as it's too expensive. So, as I see it I have two options:
1. I could apply for a new PN phone and Broadband at the new house and leave this house as it is,
2. I could ask for my BB to be transferred to the new house (it's in the same exchange area) and take a PN phone line there.
Is there any particular advantage in going one way or the other? If I cancelled my current BT phone could I take my number with me on PN? A new line will take nearly 4 weeks to install if I go for a new contract. Would that be any quicker to facilitate a transfer?
I don't quite understand how this will work with tenants anyway, since the minimum rental period is six months and they are expected to put services into their own names, but the minimum contract period for telephone and broadband is usually two or three times as long. It seems a bit daft to require people to sign up for services to a premises for so much longer than they sign up for the premises itself!
Obviously, tenants would expect all services to be available immediately and not expect to wait for installation, so I presumably need to have them installed ready for the tenant to take over on arrival.
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Re: Moving Home - options

Hi there,
The difference as I see it is that option 1 would mean it would be unlikely that you'd be able to take that number over to the new line at the new premises, this could also cause disruption if tenants at your current property were using the service.
With that in mind option 2 should offer less propensity for disruption so I'd advise going with that.
I'd advise having a chat with our customer options team on 0800 432 0200 to get the ball rolling.
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