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Mobile charge message

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Mobile charge message

A couple of months ago I changed from Evening and Weekend landline calls to Anytime and Mobile. Since then I don't seem to have been charged and customer services have just confirmed that I'm not being charged, but I just find it strange that when I dial a mobile number I get a message saying I'm being charged at 6 pence a minute. 

I just wondered if anyone else found this. It's just a bit disconcerting when I let someone else in the house use my phone for mobile calls, they put the phone down straight away when they hear the message about the charge. 

Does anyone at Plusnet know why I get this message.


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Re: Mobile charge message

You haven't signed up for 18185 and got a rule set on your phone to route via them for mobile calls ?

18185 charge 6p/minute for mobiles and by default include a message that reads out the call rate for every call. To check just dial 18185 from your phone, wait and see if it says you are using their service.