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Mobile call minutes.

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Mobile call minutes.

I have just added the option to have my anytime package updated to include 2000 minutes of free calls to mobile numbers.  How would I be able to keep track of these calls to ensure that I don't go over the 2000 minutes.  Hopefully there is a method that doesn't involve going into my plusnet account and adding up all the minutes every day.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Mobile call minutes.

If you view your itemised phone bill via the member centre here:


You shouldn't need to add up the minutes every day as the main itemised phone bill screen should show a total duration of calls for each call type, before you click View details for the specific call type. Granted it shows the time in Hours, Minutes and Seconds as opposed to just minutes, however you'd just need to check it's under roughly 33 hours.


I hope this helps.

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