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Master Socket

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Master Socket

Sorry if this has been asked before, who owns the master socket in my house? I recently had a problem of no internet or phone, an engineer arrived and changed my master socket to a 5C and mk 4 faceplate. The engineer done a few tests and everything appears to be ok, except I am being charged for the visit. After contacting Plusnet they tell me the master socket is part of my equipment and not theirs hence the charge.

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Re: Master Socket

@Zimmy  Welcome to the forum.

The Master socket is the property of Openreach so based on Plusnet's explanation I would dispute the Plusnet explanation by raising a complaint see

However this begs the question why the master socket was changed. Did this cure a fault or was there no fault found and the Openreach engineer changed it to tidy up your arrangement whilst at your home?

It could well be that the engineer ticked the wrong box on his form causing the charge. Such are the skill levels of some Plusnet Agents that you telling them that the master socket had been changed could be an invite for them to just use it as an excuse hoping that you would not know any better, rather than addressing the issue properly.

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Re: Master Socket

Did Plusnet provide the engineer notes? If the socket was damaged by damp for example I’d imagine that’d incur an engineer charge.