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Lycamobile calls

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Registered: ‎04-11-2013

Lycamobile calls

Having just joined PlusNet's phone package including free anytime + 100min mobile & 300min international I can say that so far there have been no problems and that the service is in no way inferior to the  BT one I was previously signed up for, however its much cheaper and has the added advantage of  having one supplier for BB and Phone.
Having said that I have a few comments to make:
a) Most importantly is the question of "WiFi Services - fw7" which has come up on my phone call listing. As this was charged I made some enquiries and learnt that this is an issue with most if not all Phone networks. The small charge that was made for a 1min call is not an issue, but could not PlusNet and the other networks please come to a solution or / and complain to OFCOM? Most people I've spoken to do not realise that networks, such as Lycamobile, are not classed as a true mobile network and consequently have a different charge band allocated by BT et al.
b) Your itemised call listing has a mistake / typo on one of the international destinations we frequently call. My wife, being Portuguese, frequently calls her sister in Madeira Portugal - no problem system always connects without fail, but the itemised listing gives the destination as Madeira (Spain) ! Now we don't want PlusNet to be the cause of an international incident between 2 of our EU partners, do we. Well theres already Gibraltar, no more please!!! Grin
c) Not really a problem, but could Plusnet provide the phone listing in a format other than .cvs Possibly pdf?  My computer opens the csv file OK, but in Excel - Oh Joy! Cheesy
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Lycamobile calls

Hi -
a. I have an action to correct this, hopefully will be done this week
b. This is the BT classification, sorry!
c. Sorry, we don't have any plans to change this outside of a wider scale change to our billing engine (which is a long term plan) and I'm not sure at this stage what download options will be available.