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Line test (phone troubleshooter failed)

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Line test (phone troubleshooter failed)

I did a line noise test on my master and test socket, I did this with multiple filters and no filter at around 11am and again 11pm yesterday. During the test I hear a light static noise, as I've never done this test before I'm unsure if this is expected, or if even the slightest static points to a fault. I have a cordless phone and unfortunately I'm unable to retrieve a corded phone for testing purposes. I tried to run trhough the troubleshooter but I just get the oops message, so I was hoping someone here could do a line test for me. Just to clarify, I'm not having any problems actually using my phones, this is about a fault potentially slowing my broadband.

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Re: Line test (phone troubleshooter failed)


@phirani Welcome to the forum.  🙂


The troubleshooter will often return the 'Oops' message even though it has actually raised a ticket and the fault has been passed to Openreach.

You can log into your account and check tickets here -

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Re: Line test (phone troubleshooter failed)

Hi @phirani,


I have checked the account for you to see if anything had been raised as @198kHz mentioned. I've sent you an email along those lines. Feel free to get back in touch!

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