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Line problem

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Line problem

My line has developed a problem whereby I am unable to make or answer calls, even though the phone rings when someone tries to call me. I first became aware of this on Monday.
When attempting to make a call there is no dial tone. When attempting to answer an incoming call, I can hear a ringing noise on the line through the handset, but the call does not connect. I have tried two different phones (one of them corded) and tried plugging the phone into the test socket behind the BT faceplate, but the problem remains. The ADSL seems to be running at poor speeds and frequently disconnecting.
Please would you be able to look into this for me?
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Re: Line problem

Welcome to the Forum @Jritchie94 

No one from Plusnet has picked up your post. .You will need to ring it in. But before you do, try running the Phone Troubleshooter. It will do a line check. (You will be asked to log in.)

Don't worry if it says that it has failed as the test can be a bit iffy and may still raise a fault - check in your account for tickets.

The problem with the ADSL is probably linked to your phone problem so get that cleared first.

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Re: Line problem


If you run the troubleshooter, any ticket generated can be found here Tickets.

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