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Line not transferred properly

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Line not transferred properly

I transferred my line from BT. With BT I had Callminder so after the transfer I raised an order for Voicemail Extra. After several days the order hadn't been actioned so I contacted CS and was promised that someone would deal with it.
The upshot is that when BT transferred the line they seem to have left the callminder active. This means that calls are going to callminder and people are leaving messages but I can't access them (it no longer accepts my PIN). Obviously my Voicemail extra order is going nowhere and I can't order Calling Line ID either, until that order is closed. I'm getting very frustrated and after several calls no progress has been made.
Any ideas?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Line not transferred properly

Hi telephoneman, welcome to the forums!
I've checked your account and your line and I can confirm that voicemail extra (call minder) is active on your line and has been since 18/07/15 (Most recently, after being added and removed previously?)
I think you might be experiencing the problem you're currently having as the line has been transferred and/or the feature has been added and removed a couple of times. It's likely that you just need to set a new PIN by following the steps below.
  • From the main menu, dial 2 for Personal options followed by 2 again to set a new PIN

  • Enter your new PIN

  • Dial 1 to save and use your new PIN or 2 to change it

I hope this helps, but please let us know if it doesn't resolve the issue so we can investigate this further.
In regards to the feature still showing 'awaiting activation' on your account, this shouldn't stop the feature working as it is on the line, it just won't bill for it until this has been fix'd
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 Harry Beesley