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Line Rental Saver Renewal

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Line Rental Saver Renewal

Can someone explain my Line Saver Renewal.

I switched to 18 month contract for Unlimited Fibre Extra in June, according to my account details this is 20.99 pm incl line rental. I already had a line rental saver in place and my monthly bill since June has been 13 per mth. I've now received a LRS renewal which is 197 , is this worth paying? What will my mthly payment be from Dec if I don't renew?

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Re: Line Rental Saver Renewal

Presently, until 3 December, monthly line rental is £18.99 and LRS is £197.88, a saving of £30 or £2.50 per month. After 3 December, unless you are on a fixed price contract (which I suspect you if you renewed in June) line rental will be £19.99 per month and LRS £209,88 (still a saving of £30).

Therefore, if you do not renew LRS, your monthly bill will increase by £18.99. If you renew LRS it should be unchanged.

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Re: Line Rental Saver Renewal


Hi @Dsnet12, thank you for getting in touch with us.


I have created a support ticket so I could discuss specific account information and add to what @jgb correctly said. Please click here to view my response.

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