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Line Rental Saver - Discount slashed

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Line Rental Saver - Discount slashed

I've messed up and missed the cut-off date for renewing my line rental saver (the price change was the 23rd Sept last year and I didn't notice it was earlier in the month this time - and the reminder in my calendar was in the wrong place as a result).
While it is entirely my fault, I'm seriously disappointed that the discount for paying in advance has also been slashed, so what would have been an extra £1 a month if I were paying monthly is going to cost me £30.  Since the discount is now pretty small and I'm potentially moving house, I'm going to sit on the decision a while.  If it had only gone up by £12, I'd definitely be renewing.  As it stand, I'm potentially moving house in a month or two and I'm seriously considering looking at moving to another provider - almost certainly I won't do that, but I'm in a pretty bad mood right now.
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Re: Line Rental Saver - Discount slashed

I renewed my contract for 24mth because I took PNTV in Aug but my LRS runs out in Feb so I won't renew until Aug which hopefully will after next years price rise is announced, if there is one. That way I won't lose any should I decide to leave.