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Line Fault - again!

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Line Fault - again!

Hello everyone,


I posted here about a line fault 2 weeks ago which eventually resolved itself - I never did manage to get to see a ticket or, indeed, find out what happened or how it got fixed.

We now have exactly the same issue again - it started during the night with random phone calls and noise on the line on pickup. ADSL works but drops every few minutes so is effectively unusable.

Have performed the usual checks and attempted to perform the line test. The latter doesn't seem to work as it gets as far as stopping the ADSL connection, then hangs and eventually clears the screen without any results displayed. ( I have tried in different browsers)

I have been holding on the phone on and off for at least an hour trying to get through to customer services - no luck.

Could anybody offer any assistance or advise how I might get a ticket logged at least? Should I go straight to OpenReach or will they refer me back to Plusnet?

This is now testing my patience, let alone my ability to work and my child attending remote classes - I may just need to switch providers....☹️


Thanks in advance everyone for your time!


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Re: Line Fault - again!


Threatening to leave will get you nowhere. If you have a problem with your line then every ISP who uses the Openreach network will suffer from the same problem.

Run through all the links in the phone troubleshooter and with a bit of luck a ticket will be automatically generated. The phone fault must be fixed first as this is more than likely the cause of your broadband issues

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