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Landline won’t call my mobile

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Landline won’t call my mobile

I can’t seem to call my iPhone from my landline phone it just rings or goes to voicemail. It’s just my mobile as my husbands iPhone can receive calls. I don’t no quite what to do so any advice really appreciated.

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Re: Landline won’t call my mobile

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Re: Landline won’t call my mobile


Just to clarify - from your home phone, the only number you cannot ring (and get connected) is your own mobile?  The fact that it rings and goes to answerphone suggests that it is calling out OK.

If that is correct then I would look for a problem with your mobile number / phone, not your landline.  What happens if your husband rings your mobile?  If that connects OK, then I would look to see if - for whatever reason - your home phone number is in the iPhone's barred numbers list.

Try dialling your mobile number with 141 in front of it - this stops caller line identity being sent to the called phone - if the number is barred, then the phone will not know the calling number and should accept the call.

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Re: Landline won’t call my mobile

Hi Mandie4711, 


From checking your account I can see that we've tested your landline and that's working fine, if you're mobile service is with us too then please send me a private message with your full name and mobile number and I'll look into it from that side for you.

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